Pack K-Protect Tank Top + City Umbrella

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In an assault situation there are two options, you see it before it happens or you see...nothing at all. Unfortunately the second case is much more common, hence the need to protect yourself in order to be able to defend yourself.

Our K-Protect is placed under your clothing - shirt, sweater or polo shirt and protects your vital organs effectively and discreetly from stabbing attacks.

Tested and certified - it is used in particular by health and hospital services in the event of unexpected violence against staff.

Once your protection and your confidence have been strengthened, you can turn towards your attacker with our City Umbrella , almost one of the only legal defense tools that will allow you to go on the offensive by removing your attacker, keeping him at a distance in all circumstances in the street or in public transport thanks to its suitable size.

This pack is a relevant and very competitive product which will make you gain self- confidence; it is your first asset in the event of a cowardly and unexpected attack!!!

The videos below show you how you can acquire this extra confidence which will be decisive at the most difficult moment by showing you the degree of protection thanks to our K-Protect and the possibilities offered by a simple umbrella when it is solid and well proportioned .

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  • La qualité est irréprochable pour la conception et les matériaux. J'ai pas en frappé un méchant mais je fais confiance à ce parapluie comme on l'avait vu dans les vidéos. PS: N'achetez plus vos parapluies dans les magasins, mais plutôt ici :D