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Recommended by the British Police - Gold Medal!

Why pay for equipment worth a thousand euros plus 50 euros per month when tests show the unreliability of networked systems:

Remote surveillance has only one consequence, that of noting the theft once committed and notifying the police so that they can come and take stock of the situation!

Today the frequency of burglaries is greater today despite the generalization of these systems, worse even one theft attempt in two is now "successful", therefore no progress in prevention.

What we are offering you is quite simply an alarm that makes noise!!! This is 80% of what will scare away burglars! And for those who still anticipate a burglary, we recommend taking a look at the range of our camouflaged safes .

This dual function alarm is very popular, it triggers a loud siren when vibrations are detected or when a door or window is opened and the magnetic field is then broken.

The vibration function can be turned off so that the unit only triggers when the door or window opens. The alarm uses a 4-digit code and a powerful 130 dB siren which acts as a deterrent against burglary intrusions.

Comes with screws and an adhesive sticker for easy installation, the device also has a small solar panel that can extend the battery life up to 18 months.

Please note, this small solar panel is not suitable for other uses.


- Dual function shock sensor and magnetic contact alarm
- Powerful 130 dB siren
- Arming/disarming via 4-digit code
- 15 second entry/exit delay
- Protects against intrusion attempts
- Perfect for doors and windows around the house, shed or garage
- Power supply from solar panel
- Easy installation, fixings included.

3 AAA batteries included

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  • Avec cette alarme , je me sens plus en contrôle ; je sais qu'aujourd'hui il vaut mieux pas compter sur du réseau ..en plus ils n'ont même pas la capacité d'arrêter les voleurs , alors je préfère un produit que je contrôle moi même sans risque

  • Vraiment super simple , reçu avec instructions en français, ça c'est inhabituel et très agréable !!