Charger - Portable solar battery

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Comparable in size to a wallet, this solar charger and battery, thanks to its cells Sunpower® allows you to charge a smartphone in the sun in less than 3 hours and of course extend its charge in all circumstances.

It is also capable of storing twice as much energy in a comparable space.

It is resistant to shocks, scratches and wear, but also extremely light and durable.
Its exterior manufacturing in imitation leather also makes it water resistant. and UV Thanks to its technology and the materials used, it can be used anywhere, outdoors or indoors, without fear of deterioration, as proof we guarantee it for 24 months !
Participates in your desire for autonomy, to be less and less dependent on large structures on the verge of bankruptcy
Available in black or red, it is equipped with carabiners allowing it to be attached to a backpack during your hikes.
Tip: you can wear it on our bulletproof backpack