Concealed telescopic safe to be built into the floor

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Specially created to contain volumes adapted to your needs and ideal for ground camouflage with a capacity of 10.7 L, equipped with waterproofing as standard.

This video shows you how easy it is to hide it , in many different places depending on your home, the following videos will show you its incredible resistance even if it is discovered , finally its simplicity of installation and thanks to its telescopic qualities its adaptation to the thickness of your walls which allows you to install it yourself and makes you the only person to know where it has been placed!

The body is made of 3.5mm thick steel alloy and chrome-plated ABS, for a maximum weight of only 4.7 kg, therefore easy to install when wall loads are limited by the structure in which it must be recessed..

Thanks to its particular geometry it offers maximum safety:

The inner cylinder has high anti-drilling security

The telescopic upper part allows

- minimum extension 361 mm

- maximum extension 385 mm

Maximum useful capacity of 10.7 liters

- Useful height:

- Outer diameter: 245.1 mm

- Inner diameter: 224.3 mm

2 ergonomic high security keys

Total weight 4.7 kg

The chrome steel door is 16mm thick In addition, it is equipped with an automatic self-locking system using an anti-intrusion lock with 3 7mm thick stainless steel bolts.

But if you still think that this safe is like the others, watch this video which shows you its strength against all types of attacks


This box is of course equipped with a waterproof accessory preventing the entry of dust or liquids, it is then possible to place a decorative element to camouflage it (tiles, parquet, platform, grille, ornamental plants, decorative elements, furniture...).

Simple implementation of the product

This safe is well suited to today's needs when we want to preserve values, especially those that insurance companies will never be able to replace, whether material or sentimental.

Allow 2 weeks lead time.

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