High security safes to be built into the wall - NEW

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High security safe. Robust and discreet to install on a wall.

It is a small bunker to protect the most precious objects whose quality of material and robust design provide the greatest security.

Once installed, only the door, the key element of this box, remains visible. It is removable, rotating, shielded and compact, small enough to fit your hand.

Its innovative and patented design incorporates a safety lock that operates four bolts on the body of the box, on a rail.

The door spins around when closed, making any type of attack or forcing very difficult.

This model also includes a sealing system according to the IP65 standard - dust and splashing water - thanks to its hermetic cover with O-ring ensuring complete sealing:

Technical characteristics :

Model P5 Thickness 220 - Height 200 - Length 300 - 9 liters - 8kg

Model P8 Thickness 250 - Height 370 - Length 250 - 18 liters - 18 kgs