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Urban version of our successful bulletproof backpack, it not only allows you to carry your most useful objects but also allows you to place a maximum size bulletproof plate inside!

Indeed our cities are today the scene of numerous settling of scores, in environments where the population is present, in the streets, on café terraces... when it is not a question of celebrating a... .marriage !

Without the need to equip yourself with an expensive bulletproof vest that we are not used to, we offer this harmless and everyday protection like this backpack. In case of alert you can also place it in front of you, its light and flexible plate will protect you from collateral shots, from stray bullets as they say (9mm, 44 magnum) which are not intended for you.

Our lightweight, ergonomic backpack, pleasant to carry, accompanies you during your urban trips, your important appointments, its discreet aesthetic allows it to advantageously replace the usual briefcases while protecting you from almost all calibers of weapons. fist as well as sharp or pointed weapons.

The plate made in USA with an exceptional size of 28cm x 43cm is  c rated NIJ (National Institute of Justice USA) level 3A bulletproof. be able to stop almost all handgun cartridges (even 9mm and .44 Magnum)

This is the highest level of protection currently available for lightweight, flexible plates.

Water resistant, it can simply be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

The backpack has a capacity of 20 liters / 20 kilos made of Oxford / Polyester

It has front, rear and side pockets, file pockets, 14-inch computer pockets.

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Weight 1.45 kg with the plate 28cm X43cm

Bag dimensions: 30cm X 48cm X 13 cm

In this video the plate used is smaller but of the same manufacture and with the same performance.

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  • Bonne qualité.

  • Je me suis laissé tenter par ce sac à  dos avec protection amovible et je suis totalement convaincu par cet achat ! La plaque souple est légère et adaptable à  tous les autres sacs. Merci aussi pour tous les bons conseils !

  • Très content de cet achat , ma plaque est a l'abri dans sa poche et j'en arrive à  l'oublier mais je sais que je peux m'en servir à  chaque instant de danger génial

  • Pas encombrant, sacrément utile et design plutôt réussi , je l'emmène tous les matins avec moi , j'ai même oublié qu'il s'agissait d'un accessoire de protection...

  • Pas encombrant ce petit sac où je peux mettre pas mal de choses , le panneau anti balles se loge parfaitement dedans presque un accessoire de mode ! mais enfin un accessoire utile , c'est mon petit copain qui me l'a acheté