Discreet safe shelf - VIDEO

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KAMOUFLAGES presents its basic safe shelf, its interest is first of all that it can contain your valuable objects (notes, jewelry, USB keys, medicines) up to a weight of around two kilos and that its contemporary shape is blends perfectly into the decor, in perfect anonymity since it looks exactly like the one you will find in your large furniture or DIY stores, it is available in white, black or beech .

Its assembly is very simple and quick.

Once your safe shelf is assembled, you can place your objects safely in a closable case and remove it as you wish.

At this price you can even have several arranged as you wish and even superimposed. You can place them in your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom.

To finally convince yourself after viewing the presentation of our shelf, look below at what a thief can do with your safe and all this in a few seconds:

Open a safe? Cake!

External dimensions

Length: 30cm

Depth: 26cm

Height: 5cm