Kabila - Telescopic camouflaged safe to be built into the ground or walled in

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Kabila is built on the foundation of an extremely secure safe. Made from 3.5mm thick chrome steel and weighs only 5.4kg.

Adjustable in depth thanks to its telescopic structure, it can be installed in a wall or on the ground. The dimension per telescopic extension or minimum length is 140mm, the maximum dimension is 240mm; the outer diameter is 150 mm, the inner diameter is 122 mm with a total capacity of 2.8 L.

Its chrome steel door, 16 mm thick, is equipped with an automatic lock system against intrusion and a high security stainless steel lock.

The type of lock we use was developed by our engineers and does not require keys of unusual dimensions and is carried in a ring of keys.

This video will show you that the resistance of our model is incommensurate with that of a classic chest because it is impossible to move or move. Moreover, its opening method offers little space to force access!

Equipped as standard with a waterproof accessory for its installation on the ground which prevents the entry of particles or liquids, it can be topped with a camouflage element (tiles, furniture, platform, ornamental plants, decorative elements, furniture, etc. etc).

Its structure has been designed to prevent its extraction in order to give it maximum security.

Its installation is very simple as you will see in this video, we advise you to do it yourself for reasons of obvious confidentiality as with all our equipment...

This safe is the answer to the burning question you are asking yourself: I want to keep objects, money at home, I don't trust a safe at the bank, they are sentimental objects or even 'exceptional value for me, items that cannot be replaced by insurance... this chest is your solution...

If it is not big enough, we have more "imposing" ones like this one to be built into the ground or even this one

Deadline 10/15 days

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  • Super produit, quand j'ai vu les videos sur les tests j'ai tout de suite été séduite et la pose est en fait assez simple , je voulais l'installer moi même livraison impeccable , avec un suivi super personnalisé qui mérite vraiment un 6 étoiles

  • Je suis le premier à  mettre un commentaire produit correspondant à  mes attentes, très solide , ça se voit ! je me sens plus tranquille pour toutes les raisons que vous pouvez imaginer