Emergency Health Pack - Accidents - Attacks

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Because it has become essential to be prepared in the event of an accident, stabbing or acts of terrorism, we recommend this essential basic pack to keep in all circumstances.
1/ First Responder's Manual: all the actions to be taken while waiting for help before professionals take care of the care or evacuation. This manual is not only complete in substance but particularly resistant in form (plastic), it applies the military doctrine for the care of serious trauma victims developed by the American army and adapted by a team of French professionals.
2/ An emergency blanket is used to reduce heat loss and the possibility of hypothermia. It is also used for its waterproof properties against humidity or wind, both by rescuers and for various uses, such as a bivouac groundsheet.
In order to keep the patient warm and protect him from the outside cold, we will put the gold (or matte) side towards the outside.
On the contrary, to keep the patient cool, we will protect him from the sun by placing the silver (or shiny) side outwards.
3/ An Israeli dressing - CE standard
Ideal for the individual's first aid kit, this elastic compressive dressing can in certain cases avoid the use of a tourniquet, its compression 4 times greater than the standard compressive dressing, it can be used for:
- Members
- Neck wounds
- Abdomen
- Skull
All these products are available individually on our site, all have been validated by "Damage Control" specialists and their effectiveness is assessed by these professionals, in particular the designers of the memento.