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Women are often the first victims of violence because, through cowardice, their attackers assume they are not very formidable. Ladies, you can transform this pseudo weakness thanks to this umbrella which from the start will put your opponent at a distance....

With the defense umbrella, you are naturally equipped to face the hazards of your encounters with aggressive individuals even stronger than you, especially if you take advantage of the essential lessons in the video included in this pack (German or English version). but very demonstrative video)

Of course you also have other prevention tools depending on the situation, this umbrella goes a little further in the sense that it allows you to defend yourself if you have been able to escape the first surprise phase

Simple yet effective movements can get you out of a bad situation with this accessory that is both sturdy and elegant.

Legal throughout the world, it is part of the limited range of tools used in self-defense!!!

Watch this short video produced by self-defense specialists which perfectly illustrates the strength, distance and maneuverability of the umbrella and complete it with our DVD

With this extremely stable security umbrella and the accompanying DVD video, you will be able to repel attacks from even a physically superior person in just a few days.

The DVD provides you with an accurate step-by-step guide so you know exactly how to effectively use the safety umbrella for your own protection.
You will learn how to:

- use the umbrella effectively

- avoid dangerous mistakes

- react correctly in the event of a threat .

The DVD does not require any prior knowledge, the exercises presented are carried out at home at regular intervals to automate the actions and apply them instinctively in the event of an emergency.

If you do this, the uncertainty fades and you are more confident, more courageous knowing that you can defend yourself in an emergency.

A few days of training and the next walk with your dog, the trip around town on public transport will immediately be less stressful and much more pleasant.

Keep in mind that carrying an umbrella is a regular habit; why not immediately use this "multipurpose" umbrella which, in addition to protection against the rain, will also serve for your safety.

Tip: This Umbrella + Video package is perfect as a gift for a family member or friends who will be grateful. There is no better way to show how important your loved ones are to you, you can also recommend our stab-proof clothing program to them

Package contents:

1 x Round Hook Handle Women Safety Umbrella

1 DVD “Stay alive – protect yourself with this simple tool”.


Length: 86cm

Open diameter: 107 cm

Weight: 570 grams


Attention; for relay deliveries avoid LOCKERS as they are limited in length

To protect it or use your umbrella as a walking aid, add its solid and aesthetic rubber tip


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  • Hallo, Ma commande est bien arrivée comme prévue , je suis tres contente de ce parapluie Merci Melanie