Hot pocket for nomadic medical use

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Dispotech designed and produced Dispo HOT, the single-use hot bag produced in printed non-woven textile (TNT).
The Dispotech heat pack is mainly used by healthcare professionals, but anyone can use it to soothe muscle pain .

The product is available in a 14x18 cm pocket

The Dispo Hot hot bag is a class II a medical device.


The Dispo HOT hot pocket allows you to have instant heat wherever you are, without having to look for a microwave oven. After pressing the ball contained inside the heat pocket, there is an immediate emanation of heat (+50°C) .

After activating the heat, simply place the bag on the painful area . If the heat is excessive, we advise you to use a protective cover.
The heat of the bag activates blood circulation and the dilation of blood vessels , a phenomenon which helps to calm muscle pain , but also to relieve menstrual pain.


The Dispo HoT hot bag can be applied directly to the skin in the event of muscle contracture, cramps or aches. Very simple to use.