Anti-Theft Cache Pouch Urban travel 👨‍✈️

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You are often on vacation or traveling around town in an airport, train station or metro.
You always need a safe and discreet place on your own where you can and all your other little secrets.
Our bag is designed to fit under your armpit around your shoulder easily without causing you discomfort since its shoulder strap is wide enough and suitable and adjustable with a simple Velcro.
In its design, the pouch is suitable for holding all these essential objects but without hindering your travel and without it being visible under a jacket or coat.
The shoulder strap is adjustable, the material on the back of the pouch is made of breathable mesh.

There are two vertical pockets that can hold a cell phone and small card holder and a horizontal pocket for a USB stick, possibly another phone, as well as a loop from which you can hang car or house keys or even a discreetly hidden personal alarm. .
The card holder and cell phone are placed under the shoulder strap, out of reach of thieves.
The shoulder strap is extendable up to size XXL, i.e. up to a good 46 chest measurement.

Package includes:
1 anti-theft bag to carry under the arm
Material: Polyester + Nylon
Black color