Personal Security Bomb (Alarm + Odor + UV Marker) - LEGAL SHIPPING! 👨‍✈️

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SURPRISE YOUR AGGRESSORS... completely legally!!!

Remove the white portion under the cap and our security alarm is ready to be activated by pressing “lightly” on the cap for a short sound or pressing down firmly to lock the cap and produce a continuous output even if the alarm falls to the ground .

At the same time powerful alarm of 138 decibel , UV marker of your attacker and sprayer of a repulsive odor the STRIDENT is one of the most reliable alarms on the market at the same time as perfectly legal , unlike tear gas the deterrent is particularly effective since it surprises your attacker both by the sound it emits and by the repulsive odor that escapes from it.
These three characteristics combined create an unpleasant environment for the attacker which causes him to flee the scene without asking for his rest.

The device does not contain any dangerous chemical devices, is not toxic and does not ignite like tear gas according to studies by the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety) in its toxicological sheet #215 -

Gain confidence and security with this perfectly legal innovation, you don't even need to direct it towards your potential attacker and can also anticipate an attack by using the device for prevention !!

This device is perfectly suited when you are walking your dog and fear possible attacks.

Each aerosol contains 3 minutes of continuous spray or 100 short sprays.

The alarm device is activated by the gas from the bomb, so there are no batteries!

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  • J' ai commandé 4 bombes Sécurité Personnelle (Alarme + Odeur + Marqueur UV) et j'en ai distribué 3 dans mon entourage qui ont été très appréciées.

  • Impossible de lire la notice

  • pas évalué non plus mais comme la montre sécurisant