Bao-Feng UV 5 -R Talkie pre-programmed and ready to use!!!!

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Order your Talkies from us to have them pre-programmed and ready to use without needing to use an external service because if you do not know the programming it is impossible for you to make it work.

The Plus of Kamouflages is to offer you the BAO-FENG UV5-R Talkie, a market reference ready to use, all you have to do is press the button using the quick instructions in French written by our specialists.

Very versatile, powerful, solid, it has the 8 classic authorized PMR frequencies which, depending on the legal constraints of the countries in which you live, can possibly be expanded...

In use you will see that they will appear IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE to you at a time when the fragility of the Internet and networks is visible to everyone!

In addition to being Talkies, they are also FM radio receivers, their keyboard can light up if necessary at night (or not for greater discretion), headphones are also provided.

The removable battery can be charged directly or not on the base provided for a battery life of 48 to 72 hours on standby and around 12 hours in use.

The power is a minimum of 0.5W but variable up to 5 W.

Of course we are always asked the maximum distance at which we can use the UV5-R, it all depends on the power of the Talkie, the terrain, the altitude and... the weather! Several kilometers according to the tests carried out with our prepared devices.

The UV5-R is truly the most suitable, most dynamic device on the market, especially when it is prepared by specialists!

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  • Excellent appareil bien programmé par Kamouflage. C est super pour débuter.

  • Tout est parfait !

  • Super produit. Pré-programmé. Rien à faire !