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This cylindrical safe to hide is available in 8 sizes and diameters .

It is one of our most popular exclusive products: 

Its first advantage is that you can install it yourself , which guarantees you complete confidentiality, the first step in your security!

The different variants of lengths and/or diameters adapt to your constraints and your needs. It fits very easily into the walls of your load-bearing walls, even small ones, and can then be very easily hidden.

The different variants accommodate common wall thicknesses from 180mm to 300mm - see our table below to choose your box

The main components (body and door) are made from top quality micro-alloy steel which guarantees exceptional mechanical resistance.

The door is 35mm thick and heat treated.
The closure is based on a 9-point security key lock and has 4 steel rods acting as anti-intrusion latches as soon as there is a forcing attempt .

The body has a thickness of 8 mm and is treated in a chrome-plated anti-corrosion galvanizing bath, then polished.
Its characteristics, design and versatility truly make it a unique safe for your valuables (coins, stamps, important papers, USB keys).

Choose your safe:

1/ What are the maximum dimensions of the objects you wish to secure, in red in the attached table the total space you have available.

2/ What is the thickness of the load-bearing wall in which you wish to install it see first column in green

These 2 criteria will allow you to choose from the list of equipment below:

Its implementation is very simple, possibly rent a hole saw, adapt it to a drill or a perforator as in this video

If you want to hide your safe, take care not to apply paint or glue to the lock or mechanism! 

Place a concealment object that you have chosen to hide it in front of the trunk. Why not a wall light?

You can place it behind many other decorative items, but we will keep it confidential because we know you want to keep it secret!

2 year warranty under normal conditions of use.

Deadline 7/10 days

A word of advice: call us on 07 56 99 12 42

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  • Ce site réserve vraiment pleins de surprises exclusives, celle ci en est une bonne, coffre bien réalisé, mise en oeuvre assez simple (je l'ai posé moi même avec les infos communiquées) Et merci pour les infos personnalisées !

  • Acier premier choix , ça se voit quand on le reçoit ,c pas un produit chinois je viens de le poser comme vous l'avez dit.. vos conseils sont très pratiques ! franchement je me sens à  l'aise depuis que je l'ai mis .. votre blog sur les alarmes etait bien fait , ça m'a convaincu !

  • J'ai bien aimé le choix en fonction de mes besoins et des contraintes de l'espace , j'ai suivi le conseil avec les tiges .. tout a bien séché , je l'ai laissé 48 heures et j'ai trouvé un objet assez génial pour le dissimuler c'est vrai que là  je me sens tranquille