Security Safe to Hide on the Floor

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This built-in floor safe is particularly designed to be hidden, for example having the appearance of a siphon cover, of course waterproof while offering considerable security against any type of break-in.

- Lock with hardened steel shielding

 - Anti-sabotage safety collar.

 - High quality 2cm thick induction welded steel body

- Door thickness 3.2 cm

- 4 security bolts

- 13 point security key

- Anti-corrosive paint

- Dustproof and waterproof door (O-ring)

The visible part of the chest resembles a bathroom drain but can also be disguised in different ways or simply placed under a piece of furniture.

External dimensions for installation

Width: 30cm

Length: 30cm

Height: 18.6 cm (with central opening)

Weight 6 kg

Useful internal dimensions for use

Central opening diameter: 9 cm

Length 27.5cm

Width: 27.5cm

Height: 15.4 cm (under the central opening)

Implementation : Once the cavity has been created, taking care to respect the external dimensions, preferably use a natural cement such as Prompt from Vicat available in stores.

In a bucket pour 1/4 kg of cement with max 1/2 volume of water. Wearing gloves, cover the surface of the hole with a light layer by hand or trowel. It will harden quickly.                                                                                             

Insert the trunk body to check the place. Take it out.

Prepare new cement (same quantity) by sprinkling a little Tempo retarding powder available in stores which will prevent the cement from drying too quickly.

Slide your hand into the trunk. Apply the cement prepared with the  retarder and insert it into the housing, the cement may possibly overflow. Quickly check that it is level as it dries very quickly and it would be difficult to remove.                                       

Cover the wall joint around the trunk with cement.

If necessary, clean the inside of the trunk (do not use aggressive products).

The door can then be put in place once the cement has dried.