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The survival blanket is essential in a first aid kit

Emergency coverage is used to reduce heat loss and the possibility of hypothermia. It is also used for its waterproof properties against humidity or the wind, both by rescuers and for various uses, such as a groundsheet in bivouac.
It can also be used against thermal identification - see below
In order to keep the patient warm and protect him from the outside cold, we will put the gold (or matte) side towards the outside.
On the contrary, to keep the patient cool, we will protect him from the sun by placing the silver (or shiny) side outwards.

Non-sterile survival blanket in individual bag

2 gold and silver sides to cool or warm the victim!

Dimensions: 140 x 210 cm.

How to hide from thermal imaging devices

As long as your body emits heat or infrared radiation, it can be detected by thermal vision devices.

Thermal vision technology looks for temperature differences. No matter how hidden something is, if it is colder or warmer than the background, it can be identified by thermal vision. But there are ways to thwart infrared devices.

Survival blankets are not only useful for cold weather survival situations, they are an effective way to block infrared radiation. A large piece (or several large pieces assembled) can also be suspended to provide a screen for Infra Red radiation.

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