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Our vest designed & manufactured in Europe is based on experience and the need for protection intended for professionals. Easy to use, it offers maximum comfort in daily use thanks to its flexibility and lightness and above all 360° ballistic protection around the body while remaining breathable thanks to the nature of the textile used.

If you would rather like clothing that is both more flexible and everyday, also check out our K-Secure , our latest clothing that is particularly resistant to stabbing attacks.

The Heat & Sweat system regulates body temperature by accumulating body temperature above 37° and redistributing it when it is below.

Easily adjustable by means of Velcro straps on the shoulders and abdomen.

The anti-stab insert is then placed in the vest, it is one of the lightest solutions available which provides 360° protection.
The protective panels are contained in a waterproof cover which protects them against mold and harmful UV rays for their longevity.
This solution is CE certified



This solution has been officially tested against knife and woodpecker attacks , it meets the requirements of the English HOSDB2007 standard for the KR1SP1 protection level.
The solution was tested 30 times at an energy of 24 joules (maximum authorized penetration less than 7mm) then 10 times with the same blade but under an energy of 36 joules (maximum authorized penetration less than 20mm).

Of the 30 releases required at 24 joules we had no penetration through our solution and of the 10 releases at 36 joules, the maximum penetration obtained was 5mm.


It has also been tested 10 times with an SP1 peak at an energy of 24 joules without any penetration tolerated through the vest.

Hypodermic syringe

It was also effectively tested with a hypodermic type syringe under the German VPAM KDIW 2004 standard at an energy of 2.5 joules with again no penetration through the vest.


From XS to 3XL - check the attached table in centimeters carefully.

Allow approximately one week of lead time excluding holidays

How to put on our vest

Puncture tests

Bulletproof tests

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