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The defense umbrella is one of the most effective and smart tools in the event of a stabbing attack. It allows you to maintain a distance from the aggressor and even possibly dominate him, one of the most important elements for defending yourself even without being trained, in fact keeping a distance with the aggressor is in no way putting yourself in a position of first aggressor on the other hand this justifies self-defense if the aggressor insists!

In the event of a stabbing attack, you can even open it to prevent your attacker from advancing towards you.

This City model is a little shorter, making it both discreet and easy to use on public transport.

also available with video training , but also in maxi XXL size and in a very attractive feminine version !!!

New umbrella holder for the car , allows you to dry it and always have it within immediate reach!!!

Instead, watch this very informative video produced by a specialist who shows you its stability, its resistance to blows as well as the use that can be made of it provided of course that the quality is there.


This umbrella is a more effective solution compared to other self-defense weapons such as tear gas bombs or tasers because it is always immediately available to the user being an everyday product and it is TOTALLY LEGAL

With the City unbreakable security umbrella, you will be armed to face the hazards of your encounters with guarantees of success even against stronger opponents.

A huge advantage for your self-defense, the City Umbrella "projects" your movement and widely extends your security perimeter, it can literally block any attack and allows you to adopt effective countermeasures which most often cause your attacker to flee without asking its rest.

Thanks to its length of 78 cm, it is convenient to carry and at the same time ideal for self-defense, especially in busy and crowded places such as public transport, train stations, pedestrian areas, busy streets, because it is where attacks or physical confrontations most often occur. It can also be particularly useful for solo walks, especially in autumn, or on almost empty trains where your situation can quickly deteriorate when faced with violent strangers.

Self-defense with sticks has been practiced for centuries, as these weapons provide a huge defensive advantage. Pain or even injury is avoided by blocking punches and kicks. The range advantage keeps the attacker away and greatly reduces the mortal danger of concealed bladed weapons. In case of offensive measures, the cane compensates for the lack of strength and lack of striking technique and physical inferiority.

That's why the security umbrella protects you without attacking anyone...

If you are familiar with umbrella self-defense (our video course will help), the security umbrella greatly improves your defense capabilities. This self-confidence prevents many villains from selecting you as a victim, because they look for weak and therefore inferior victims.

The safety umbrella is long like a hanbo or defensive stick and offers protection from rain when open with a diameter of 96 cm.

The beautiful designer handle is available in two different types of wood but also in a traditional design in chestnut or black stained beech

Legal throughout the world, it has no strictly lethal function and will be used for defense only, unlike other security aids such as pepper spray, defense baton or stun gun.

This security umbrella does not “provoke” a possible attacker.

Some comments received:

"The unbreakable safety umbrella in this short version (length 78 cm) is perfect... The length, the maneuverability - this umbrella is, in my opinion, an excellent defense tool."

"I have been looking for a tool of this length and maneuverability for a long time. This safety umbrella for self-defense is simply great. Especially in the city, on a train or a bus where space is limited, this umbrella is my tool of choice. Personally, I am more than convinced! "

To protect it or use your umbrella as a walking aid, add its solid and aesthetic rubber tip , you can also hang it on our coat rack which also serves as a hiding place

Length: 78cm

Open diameter: 96 cm

Weight: 600 grams

Also available with a handmade chestnut handle!!!

Attention; for relay deliveries avoid LOCKERS as they are limited in length

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  • Testé sur un sac de frappe, le parapluie résiste sans problème. En plus, il est élégant

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  • Le parapluie est robuste, c'est le petit frère de celui que j'ai en 105 cm...

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  • tres bien

  • Fonctionnel, robuste et élégant.

  • Livraison impeccable , produit vraiment performant !

  • bien reçu , produit solide et vrai parapluie , v video intéressante

  • Le premier parapluie est arrivé abimé, j'ai envoyé les photos et Kamouflages m'a tout de suite envoyé le remplacement sans problème ..super service vraiment !

  • J'ai acheté deux parapluies il y a un mois. Super ! 5 étoiles pour chaque détail , produit + service. Ma fille de 17 ans l'amène avec elle dans toute la ville , en bus ou en tram jusqu'à  son lycée à  25 km. Personnellement je porte également le parapluie avec moi tous les jours, je m'y suis habitué, je le suspends à  mon avant-bras quand je dois avoir les deux mains libres. Le "City Safe" est vraiment une arme rapide et sûre. J'utilise la video que j'ai acheté pour pratiquer toutes les semaines quelques gestes selon le système développé en plus c'est un accessoire chic pour tous les jours.