Khaki backpack with integrated solar panel

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Your phone always charged anywhere, anytime , without even having to think about it.

You only need 1h30 to charge a phone

This lightweight, practical and aesthetic backpack offers you the functionality of a modern daily urban backpack coupled with a powerful solar charger. Suitable for everyday use, for going to work, for cycling, for visits, shopping and of course for hikes in nature. It's also a great travel backpack.
2 large slots in which you can slide both a computer and a flexible bulletproof panel 28X35.5, a rear pocket at the bottom of the back to secure your wallet, side compartments for a bottle of water etc...

Flexible solar technology

The flexible cells of the unbreakable and scratch-resistant panel, developed in California, offer the best performance available on the flexible solar panel market with an efficiency of 15%. Power and robustness are there while remaining light by fully integrating into the curves of the backpack.

The discreet and elegant, but above all flexible 8 Watt solar panel is directly integrated into the bag and allows an external battery to be automatically charged from the inside using the internal USB port.

Solar cells are fully protected against water, scratches and dirt. The panel's coating is specially designed to maximize capture of the sun's rays from different angles to increase the panel's performance.

Available in blue or red on order, one week lead time

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