Tactical Torch With Strobe Ultra High Performance Self Defense

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We have selected this torch among dozens of models with the aim of offering you high-performance legal self-defense equipment thanks to the following essential reasons:

When faced with an aggressor you can use several modes of defense apart from fleeing. Remember, however, that it is legally forbidden to carry tear gas or shockers outside, to use them as a first intention, which leads the Justice to judge you as the aggressor with an unauthorized weapon. What are your other options?

Your goal is to prevent your attacker from approaching you. To do this you must "jostle" your opponent using his senses of hearing, smell, touch or... sight!

There are very effective possibilities of blinding or dazzling your attacker, this process is effective under several conditions:

In strobe mode our torch has 4000 Lumen *!!!

* using exclusively our 21700 i battery supplied rechargeable by USB-C cord

Direct access to the Strobe Turbo function without having to go through intermediate modes which would cause you to lose precious seconds during an attack.

Exclusively variable strobe flashes which cause extremely annoying glare.

Of course this torch also has all the other usual functions that one would expect, including a system for managing its heating as well as very useful accessories:
This torch is guaranteed for 5 years
Included in the pack:
  • High Performance 21700i Battery / Capacity 5000mAh
  • Tactical holster
  • Clip
  • Strap
  • Replacement O-ring
  • Adapter for CR123 type batteries
  • USB-C cable

Summary of features:

Maximum Output 4000 Lumens
Max autonomy 45 hours - Range 470 meters
5 brightness levels.
Maximum usage time 350 hours
LED type lamps 1 x CREE XP-L2 V6
Battery 1 × 21700i, 2 × CR123,2 × RCR123
Special strobe modes - strobe ready at 4000 Lumens
Length 143.5mm / 5.40 in
Head size 31.8mm / 1.00 in
Weight 79.5g
Feature: Rechargeable Waterproof: IP68
Window breaker

This high-performance tactical torch is used by many National Police Forces during flagrant burglaries, searches and also by Security Forces and military units for deterrence.