Safety umbrella handling video - DVD

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The first comprehensive English German course that answers all your questions about using a safety umbrella like this or this one

You will learn how to act and what common mistakes not to make which are widely shown in detail and discussed.

Each movement is demonstrated and explained in detail.

You can practice regularly at home as we recommend you do.

Here, an extract from chapter three, you can use the settings for French subtitling

The “Stay Alive!” DVD is led by our head instructor Robert Amper.

It explains to you with video examples and in complete peace of mind, how to defend yourself effectively in an emergency situation without any other tools.

You learn simple but very effective techniques that everyone can immediately understand and use. You are not expected to be athletic and driven. “Stay Alive – Stay alive!” is designed for average women and men of all ages. Thanks to this DVD, you are as prepared on the way home as you are for a public transport attack, a store robbery, a threat at an event, etc.

With the DVD “Stay Alive!” you gain confidence and feel more secure. With our security umbrella and this DVD, you will considerably improve your defense situation.

Don't forget it when you leave your house...