Coyote black shell gloves - cut resistance level 5/5 👨‍✈️

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The new, even more attractive Coyote glove was extremely well received. It is a glove which not only keeps the hands warm, but offers totally unbeatable level 5 anti-cut protection while being shelled, i.e. suitable for both high-performance AND legal use by our friends bikers.

The entire interior of the glove, including the palm and fingers, is lined with Spectra , making it an extremely safe glove while maintaining flexibility in the fingers. As additional protection, the exterior of the glove is covered with Kevlar and leather for Double protection! (See here for more information on textiles)

It is a relatively long glove with a wide velcro cuff and a second, thinner cuff. The glove therefore offers some wrist protection.

The Coyote has been tested to EN388; 2003 with the following results:

Abrasion resistance - method 6.1 level 3
Blade cut resistance - method 6.2 level 5
Tear resistance - method 6.3 level 4
Puncture resistance - method 6.4 level 3

This product is lined with one of the strongest and lightest fibers in the world. used in particular in underwater lifting ropes, but also in the most efficient deep-sea fishing lines.

Honeywell Spectra fiber has provided reliable, lightweight strength in the most demanding applications for over 20 years.

STRONG: Spectra fiber is 15 times stronger than steel per kilogram and resists both cuts and stretching.

DURABLE: Spectra fiber is highly resistant to chemicals, water and ultraviolet rays.

TRUSTED: Spectra fiber has provided lightweight protection to military and law enforcement forces for over two decades.

Respect the sizes carefully as in the attached table because the textiles used offer less flexibility than classic clothing

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