Unbreakable defense umbrella - XXL - 102CM!

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An unrivaled element during an attack or an ambush because it allows you to maintain a distance from the aggressor and strengthen your self-confidence to of course try to gain the upper hand over him.

Its rounded metal tip has been carefully designed to be able to strike without piercing of course.

An umbrella is one of your everyday objects, a harmless object whose carrying is authorized in all circumstances whether it is robust or not. It is not classified in any category of weapons like a tear gas or a baton!

The most ROBUST defense umbrella was designed and first tested in Germany, it is truly exceptional and unique due to its assembly and the parts, all extraordinarily robust which compose it.

In fact compromise is impossible in the situation of aggression , when we have to use it it must be irreproachable.

Here is a video filmed by self-defense specialists which shows you its incredible solidity, its stability and of course the confidence you gain from it!

You can stand on it, hit very hard objects, drive over it, it will never break, but take a look at this test attached instead

Always discreet and elegant but effective and reliable, the ideal companion for your walks and travels.

All the benefits you can get from it:

  • Functional and elegant umbrella with automatic opening.
  • The central rod is virtually unbreakable.
  • Even measuring 102 cm, it only weighs 900 grams.
  • It can support the weight of a person 120 kg
  • It can be transported anywhere legally (airports, official offices, events) unlike all other means of defense.
  • The only metal it contains is in the tip.
  • The handle is made of solid wood (black stained beech or plum/olive).
  • The umbrella comes with its protective case and a shoulder cord.

Total Length: 102 cm

Weight: 900g

Opening diameter: 130cm

If you fly frequently we recommend the City umbrella for size reasons.

Your defense is essential but your protection is just as important, especially when you are faced with a knife attack, thanks to K-Secure your back is protected

Attention; for relay deliveries avoid LOCKERS as they are limited in length

To protect it or use your umbrella as a walking aid, add its solid and aesthetic rubber tip , you can also hang it on this umbrella holder which is also a hiding place

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  • Très bon produit, conforme à ma commande

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  • Parapluie de très bonne qualité, très satisfait.

  • Bonne qualité

  • Véritable arme de défense d'une solidité incroyable, ( j'ai apprécié la montée d'un véhicule sur ce parapluie) ce parapluie gagne a être connu, notamment par ceux qui ont quelques connaissances dans le maniement du bâton. L'embout caoutchouté a sa raison d'être mais peut être gênant dans les manoeuvres rapides mais on peut toujours l'enlever si nécessaire.

  • Très beau matériel, conforme à la description du produit

  • Propre et élégant, solide et souple, manche en bois dur efficace.

  • Heureusement pas expérimenté quant à présent mais semble de qualité

  • Excellent !

  • excellent , robuste et tres beau , n hesitez pas

  • Génial ce parapluie est vraiment impressionnant par sa robustesse , et d'une discrétion absolue puisque c'est in produit totalement libre ! J'ai regardé la video et il y a pas mal d'idées dessus ...